Race across America V1

In 2012 Tim started as a rookie in the Race across America. He was the first Belgian qualifier who started in Oceanside (California).

The challenge was to finish in Annapolis (Maryland) but the real effort was to find money, a team, transportation,… You wil ride through the dessert, 55000mts of vertical, the great plains,…

Tim was well prepared but also a bit stressed for this adventure. He learned a lot in the Race around Ireland but his navigation system failed a few hours before starting at the west coast. It was a cloudy day and it was not allowed to have a follow vehicle for the first 80km. Tim decided to ride in his black, warm outfit and with just one bottle of water. He underestimated the climb starting a few kilometers into the race. The clouds disappeared and he was suffering a heat stroke.

When he rejoined his team, Tim was dehydrated and had to rest. From that time on it was a race to arrive on time at each time station or he was disqualified.

After passing the dessert and reaching Wolf Creeck Pass (11000ft) Tim was feeling better.